Returning Members invited to secure your membership by deposit & attend fittings for 2018 season kit

Information for Returning Members for uniform fittings & deposits for Juniors (U8 to U18), Women's & Men's 3rds\4ths & Masters

Below you will find information, dates and times for fittings and deposits for returning members of Essendon Royals. This email does not apply to members of our Men and Women senior teams and reserves.

Thank you to those who have participated in grading so far. It has been a great experience for the club to perform grading early and on this scale. Grading results and the training squad you will be part of will be sent to members and new members once grading is completed.

With grading coming to an end this week we would like to ensure that all returning members have a chance to secure their positions by paying a deposit to the club before we open offers to new players for 2018. We have over 250 expressions of interest from outside the club and we want to make as many positions open to aspiring Royals as possible but it's important to us that new members get their chance first. Also for returning members it's your opportunity to be measured up for uniforms and come to a fitting time at the club rooms. Coaches will also be fitted for polo shirts and jackets.

For deposits and fittings our club rooms at Ormond Park will be open on the following dates:

  • Saturday 9th December from 9.30am to 12pm
  • Wednesday 13th December from 6pm to 8pm


Members are being asked to make a $100 deposit with the club. Deposits will go towards your overall membership fee. Please pay your deposit by Wednesday 13th December. You may provide deposits by the following options, instructions will be below and also available on our website:

  • Cash payment direct to the Club at our club rooms
  • EFT or Credit Card payment with the club at our club rooms
  • Direct Deposit with the Club & email receipt to the club

COACHES: Note coaches are not required to make a deposit however please inform Crystal our club manager by Email that you will be continuing in your coaching role and your child who will be exempt. We will try to be on top of this but please let us know.

What happens if I don't make my deposit by 13th December?

We won't know if you are returning to the club and we will offer your spot in the club to a new member. We have over 250 expressions of interest to join the club and about 150 have gone through grading. We don't want to disappoint anyone but our club is near capacity. If you have a problem paying your deposit by that date just contact us!


Member & coaches uniforms will be available at the club rooms on the above dates. A range of apparel will be available for players and coaches to try on and we will record your fitting sizes. All returning members should come down for fitting on the above dates and its a great time to pay our deposit also. If you miss these fitting dates we will hold more later this year and in early 2018.

Members with siblings who are new to the club

With a few members coming to the club with their brothers or sisters joining them as new members, please come along and make your deposit and get fitted also.

You may attend the Essendon Royals club rooms on the above dates to make your deposit. 

Deposit by Cash, EFT or Credit Card to the Club at our club rooms

Please attend the Essendon Royals club rooms on the above dates. Essendon Royals staff will be on hand to process your deposit and provide you a receipt. For EFT or Credit Card payments, we can process your payment with your EFT or Credit card with our online payment facilities at the club.

Deposit by direct online transfer

You may provide a direct transfer through online banking. Please email Crystal, our club manager, your online banking receipt along with your full name and player date of birth. Please don't forget to do this so we can ensure your deposit is recorded. Please also ensure you place your last name and first name as a part of the deposit reference.

  • ACCOUNT NAME: Essendon Royals Soccer Club 
  • BSB: 013162
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 298154132
  • Amount: $100
  • Reference: LastNameFirstName

Special Consideration

Any players who are experiencing difficulties to make their deposit or would like to speak to the Secretary regarding a membership payment plan, please email our Club Manager Crystal Eid to ensure that we can consider your situation and request.

Grading results & membership policies

You are probably wondering about grading results!

The club is presently processing grading results of over 600 players (mostly members with new players in the mix). Some grading results and preparations are well advanced but it will take a couple of weeks to line up our training squads once we know who is returning and how many new members we need.

Once we know member and new member numbers, players will receive information on the squad that they will be training with in 2018. Your training squad may not be your final team. We will use 2018 preseason in February as the final chance to take in new players for open spots in squads and a chance to reconsider the position of some players either by player or coach request.

Here is a rundown of our membership policies that is on our website and was sent out with previous grading emails:

  • Returning 2017 Royals players will be guaranteed a spot with the club but not necessarily in the team of their choice. Essendon Royals is a community club and we love that players form strong social links and friendships in their team and with their coaches but overall the club has a team selection policy and must adhere to being fair and balanced to all members. Teams and coaches change from season to season but you always play for Essendon Royals.
  • Players may request to be in certain teams which we will consider but the grading process will determine the squads. Coaches may also request players be place in their teams and the club will consider these requests and work with each coach to determine the best composition of squads.
  • New players will be taken into Royals by their position in the expression of interest list after grading and making a deposit with the club and paying an initial membership fee. 
  • In age groups where we field Kangaroo or A graded teams players cannot expect to play with friends if their is a large disparity in their capability.
    If you have any questions regarding fees or deposits please just ask!

Just ask!
Any question, issues, suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me Emmet or for general matters our Club Manager Crystal Eid.