Sponsoring & fundraising for Essendon Royals

2018 is going to be a great year for Essendon Royals and our community. We have already seen a huge amount of interest in the club and football for the 2018 season. The club is already in full flight preparing for next year and we want to make Essendon Royals the destination club for football development and fun in the greater Moonee Valley areas.

Essendon Royals rely heavily on our members, our fundraising efforts like our canteen, special events and of course sponsors. The power is in us to make things happen. We hope that you can see the benefits that our club brings to members, the community, our kids and adult players.

Who to contact:

If you are interested to help as a sponsor or can be involved with our fundraising efforts, even just with a great idea please contact Adam Maltese, Manager of Fundraising & Sponsorship

The benefits of sponsorship to our club

Running a club takes an army of dedicated people and money to support our activities and existence. Sponsorship is a major cog in the wheels of a community organisation. Here is a list of what your sponsorship specifically helps our club with:

  • Apparel: Apparel is the #1 cost to the club but it is the most important item that helps players and the community identify us. Sponsors can be part of that identity in many ways!
  • Facilities improvement: At Ormond Park & contribution to Royals specific initiatives with the Cross Keys development
  • Coaching education: From 2018-2020 Essendon Royals intends to have 75% of coaches FFA certified with an additional 5-10 C-Licensed coaches greatly impacting our delivery to our members.
  • Growing women’s football: Essendon Royals is committed to building the women’s game in Moonee Valley. Contributions go to Women’s coach development and venue allocation.
  • Improving access to football services for the community across the board: Essendon Royals exists for the community, football and fun. Better equipment, better security and storage facilities will make that happen consistently.
  • Establishing 7-a-side football teams: 7-a-side football is played by footballers with Cerebral Palsy, Acquired Brain Injuries and those with stroke related impairments. Essendon Royals plan to have 2 teams established for Junior & Seniors by 2019. Players will be offered positions free with all registration, apparel, and equipment & coaching funded by sponsors.
  • Supporting disadvantaged footballers: Not all players can afford the simple things like membership and equipment. Essendon Royals is an inclusive and diverse club that wants to expand the football passion and enjoyment through the North West.

Benefits of Sponsorship to YOU!

A strong relationship with the Essendon Royals will expose the your brand to all our members. Our members are Loyal Royals. They come back each year and they choose to support our Sponsors when it comes to purchase time. You can tap into the many families and members who spend their money on a range of locally provided products and services. Sponsorship also has a great feel good factor and makes you a Philanthropist within our community. There is nothing better for the mind and spirit to know that your money puts smiles on children's faces and gives those of us who love football the chance to participate, watch, cheer on our love ones and engage in the community atmosphere of a great football club.

Building upon Sponsorship momentum from 2017

The club is very appreciative of our Sponsors generosity and support in 2017. Our sponsors generously contributed over $100,000 to the club. The club will be personally asking each of our 2017 sponsors to come back in 2018 and once again help us with your support. We are especially interested in your ideas of how we can make sponsoring the Royals more beneficial to you.

With this great momentum, our increased club size and extra demands on the club, we are aiming to increase our sponsorship by at least 50% this season. We are already actively speaking to many new sponsors and we are also already speaking to many of our sponsors from 2017 to add a little more from previous years. We would also love to get the sponsors and club more involved with each other.

Royals and Sponsors give back to the community: The Power is in Us.

In 2018 Essendon Royals has decided to give 5% of all of our sponsorship revenue to 2 charities; AMDF (Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation) and BCNA (Breast Cancer Network). We believe our members and sponsors would wholeheartedly support this. We are here for the community and the power is in us to contribute positively in every way we can to our community life. By helping charities, club and sponsors are executing that power.

For the last 2 years I have held a charity day on behalf of the Essendon Royals Past and Present Players, Committee and Supporters where all money raised goes to the Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. It’s a great day and I hope that more of our present-day members come down and get involved. It will be held on February 18th, 2018. We will also be holding another day yet to be confirmed where all money raised will go to the Breast Cancer Network of Australia. A Pink Sports Day where our senior teams will be fitted out in all pink. If anyone would like to help with these 2 days, please get in touch with Adam Maltese.

About the charities we support:

AMDF seeks to be the pre-eminent source of energy and hope for the mito community. AMDF supports the mito community whilst seeking a cure. Essendon Royals members have directly been touched by Mitochondrial disease. Come to our special event supporting Luca and AMDF in February 2018.

BCNA works to ensure that Australians affected by breast cancer receive the very best support, information, treatment and care appropriate to their individual needs. BCNA supports, informs, represents and connects Australians affected by breast cancer. Essendon Royals will be holding a pink sports day in 2018.

Sponsorship packages


In the meantime please contact Adam Maltese if you want to propose a sponsorship offer to the club!

Packages will aim to provide equal benefits and a consistent approach to how you may sponsor the club to make it simpler for both the club and our sponsors. For example, all Junior teams, Masters and Thirds will have a set price for sponsoring the front of the shirt, the back of the shirt, the shorts and the sleeves, this way you know exactly what you are getting. A $2500.00 + GST sponsorship in 2018 could emblazen your logo on the front of a junior’s home jersey as well as including other benefits. You may notice that sponsorship also attracts GST which is necessary by law. The club will provide sponsors with an invoice that will enable GST to be claimed back via BAS.