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Carla Presutti kicks off new chapter with Essendon Royals

The Essendon Royals Soccer Club proudly welcomes Carla Presutti to the Senior Women’s team for the upcoming season. With a substantial background in Victorian soccer, Presutti brings a wealth of experience and skill to the Royals.

Carla’s soccer journey is deeply rooted in Victorian soccer, having spent significant time with both Bulleen Lions and Boroondara Eagles. Her tenure at Bulleen during her junior years laid a strong foundation, which was further developed at Boroondara, where she gained valuable experience in the Senior Women’s VPL League.

The decision to join the Royals was driven by her admiration for the team’s growth and development in recent years. Conversations with Coach Vince and interactions with the squad solidified her desire to be part of the Royals’ journey.

Since joining, Carla has immensely enjoyed her time at the club. The intense training sessions coupled with the friendly and supportive team environment have fostered a strong bond among the players. This camaraderie is evident both on and off the pitch, creating a positive atmosphere for success.

Looking ahead to the season, Carla is focused on contributing to the team’s ambitious goals. The primary objective is to finish within the top 4, a remarkable achievement considering the team’s recent promotion and status as underdogs in the new league. Carla’s experience and determination will be invaluable as the Royals aim for success in the competitive NPLW environment.