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Play At Essendon Royals

Essendon Royals is one of the largest community sporting clubs in Victoria.

Home to over 800 players, the Royals currently run four footballing programs.

  • Senior Football (Men and Women)
  • Junior Boys National Premier Leagues
  • Community Football (Boys and Girls)
  • Essendon Royals Kick-Starters Program
Despite the number of positions at the club, the Essendon Royals are currently oversubscribed, meaning we cannot find a spot for every player who wishes to play at our club.
However, from time-to-time, positions do become available.

Check back on this page for updates throughout the year as we advertise current openings, expressions of interest opportunities and more.

Regardless of what is happening at the club, there will always be a Waiting List form you can fill out to leave your details with the club.

We will contact all players on the waiting list when openings become available or when there are opportunities to trial for positions at the club.


Discover Soccer, Discover Fun, Discover Growth

Welcome to the Essendon Royals Kickstarters Program, where soccer is more than just a game – it’s a journey of fun, learning, and community.

Our program, tailored for children aged 4 to 9, is the perfect starting point for young soccer enthusiasts to embark on their sporting adventure.

About the Program

The Essendon Royals Kickstarters Program, evolving from the MiniRoos Kick-Off Academy, offers a dynamic introduction to the world of soccer. Based on Football Federation Australia’s MiniRoos Kick-Off framework, our curriculum emphasises fun, inclusive, and engaging activities. Here’s what makes our program unique:

Age-Appropriate Curriculum: Each session is designed to suit the developmental needs of different age groups. We focus on simple yet stimulating drills and games that not only teach soccer skills but also encourage fundamental motor development.

Inclusive Environment: Every child gets ample time on the ball, ensuring that everyone is actively involved and enjoying their time on the pitch. Our program nurtures values like teamwork, cooperation, and respect for others.

Health and Fitness: Participating in soccer helps children stay active and healthy. It’s an excellent way to develop agility, coordination, and overall physical fitness.

Social Skills and Friendship: Our sessions are more than just soccer lessons; they’re a hub for making new friends and developing social skills in a supportive setting.

Program Details

Age Group: 4 to 9 years

Session Structure: Weekly 45-minute sessions, held on Saturdays

Venues: Ormond Park (Terms 1 & 4), Cross Keys Reserve (Terms 2 & 3)

Cost per Term: $220 (10% discount for full-year registration)

Head to our Football Programs page for more information and registration.


Seletions for Season 2024 are now complete. You can view all programs currently accepting registrations and/or Expressions of Interest. The waiting list below should be used by those looking to join our 2025 Football Programs.

Limited openings may occur in-season. We will always consult our Waiting List first before advertising.