Our commitment

We believe that football (soccer) should be safe, enjoyable, and inclusive and maximise individual participation. Football however is a contact sport and the club acknowledges public space and club premises and all football activities must be subject polices and processes that risk, safety and medical consideration of members and the public to ensure the club can act, support and guide our staff and protect our members in the case of medical situations. As a part of Essendon Royals commitments to members, this Medical Policy is a part of our overall Safety & Risk Management policy that seeks to protect members and the public and minimise risk to the club, members, the public and assets associated with the club or public assets used by the club.

Rendering medical assistance

Coaches, team managers and other Club members of their respective teams are obligated to render medical assistance for minor injuries to the best of their abilities and seek further assistance as required. In the case of serious injury or a medical emergency the Victorian Ambulance Service is to be contacted for assistance.

Members agree to allow for medical treatment or hospitalisation when absent

In the case of serious injury or a medical emergency where either a parent or guardian is not present, the member grants permission to the coach, team manager or other member of the Club to seek and obtain medical treatment or hospitalisation. Members agree to meet all medical expenses for urgent medical attention which is required and is not covered by the insurance policy held by the Club.

Members agree that insurance may not cover all of their medical expenses

Members acknowledge that the Club is covered by insurance for losses arising out of public liability and with respect to losses incurred as a result of emergency and/or ongoing medical treatment suffered during the course of training and/or competition.

Members acknowledge that the insurance policy held by the Club with respect to medical and like expenses incurred as a result of injuries suffered during the course of training and/or competition may not cover all of the medical and like expenses and that any shortfall in the cost of obtaining urgent and/or continuing medical treatment shall be borne by them.

No claims against the club

Members acknowledge that football is a contact sport and accordingly shall make no claim against the Club nor seek reimbursement by the Club for any medical or like expenses incurred as a result of any injury suffered in the course of training and/or competition save for any damages incurred which may be recovered against the Club as a result of a negligent act or omission by the Club or by its duly appointed agents.

No Pay, No Play, No Insurance

Members acknowledge and understand that non-financial players are not covered by insurance and will not be permitted to play until registration fees are part paid or paid in full.

Members may request a copy of the insurance policy held by the Club from the Secretary.

Medical Declaration

As part of the registration process, members are required to disclose any medical condition which could have an impact on them personally or any other member of the Club. Disclosures are to be made via the online registration system. Members are required to inform their coach and team manager of any medical condition that requires a specific medical action plan. Team officials are required to maintain the confidentiality of disclosures relating to the medical condition of members at all times. The Club will attempt to accommodate any special requirements, but it is not responsible for providing or arranging specialist support.

Medical Equipment

The Club provides stretchers, first aid kits and ice packs. Each team has 1 first aid kit which is provided to the team manager at season start. All Team Managers can request refurbishment of any used stock from medical kits such as ice packs and bandages etc. As per FFV regulations, a first aid kit and stretcher must be on the ground in the technical area for all Junior and Senior home games.

The Club requests each team appoint a recognised first aid officer if one is available. The club is working toward having parents and staff trained in first aid from season 2018 onwards.

Blood Rule

In accordance with FFV rules, any player who suffers an injury or wound which results in the loss of blood must leave the pitch immediately to obtain treatment.

A player may not return to the field of play until the injury or wound has been safely covered and contained. A player may be required to change their uniform before returning to the field of play if it has blood on it.

Injury Reporting

All serious injuries or medical emergencies must be reported and documented with the Club. Team Managers are responsible for completing and submitting an injury report to the Secretary and Club Manager. Injury report forms are available on the Club’s website and will be provided in the Team Manager pack at the commencement of the season. The form can be manually submitted or sent to clubadmin@essendonroyals.com.au.


The Club is covered by the FFA’s National Insurance Program (NIP).

The FFA National Insurance Program consists of three policies:

  • Personal Injury
  • Public and Products Liability and Professional Indemnity
  • Management Liability

Gow Gates is the insurance broker for the FFA’s NIP.

Please refer to the links below for more detailed information in relation to who is covered, when they are covered, the types of expenses covered, how to lodge a claim and frequently asked questions.

Please refer to the following link for information on how to submit a sports injury insurance claim: