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Julian Guzzardi promoted to Essendon Royals seniors

The Essendon Royals are thrilled to announce the re-signing of Julian Guzzardi for the 2024 season. The young forward, who has been with the Royals since his time in the JBNPL program, made a significant impact on the club, earning a fast-tracked promotion to his senior debut last season.

Guzzardi’s journey with the Royals has been nothing short of remarkable. After representing Victoria in the off-season, he has solidified his position in the senior squad for the upcoming season. His dedication and performance have made him one of the club’s most promising talents, with a bright future ahead.

Julian’s transition from the JBNPL to the senior squad is a testament to his hard work, talent, and the nurturing environment at the Royals. His appetite for knowledge and commitment to improving his game are evident in every training session. As he gears up for the 2024 season, Guzzardi is focused on continuing his development and making a significant impact as a senior player.

The club remains excited about Julian’s potential and looks forward to seeing his continued growth and contributions on the field. His journey from a young JBNPL player to a key member of the senior squad serves as inspiration to his teammates and young players within the club.