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Track160 - Player160 Yearly Subscription



Essendon Royals is proud to deliver a genuine world-first in grassroots football to our members, with the introduction of the revolutionary Track160 analytics system.

The Royals will be the first in Victoria – and indeed the world – to offer this game-changing, automated football analysis solution at the grassroots level to our members and coaches, putting the club and our players at the forefront of analysis and technical development.

With the Track160 system, the Royals will now be able to produce and deliver an automated and detailed analysis of every football game played on Pitch 1 at Cross Keys Reserve.

What Is Track160?

Track160 is a world-first analytics system that automatically delivers highly detailed analytics after every game of football played in front of its cameras.

Track160 is FIFA EPTS Quality Certified and this technology is currently employed at the professional level in Germany and Spain, with others set to come online in the near future.

What does this implementation mean for Essendon Royals players?

Using artificial intelligence, every metric for every player participating in a game of football on the Royals’ main home pitch will be meticulously recorded, giving players and coaches alike their clearest view yet of how they are performing across a range of physical and technical metrics.

What analysis is conducted by Track160?

Analytics provided by Track160 include:

Performance Analysis: Get performance data for teams, individual players, or squads of your choice, from either side of the field. 

Video Analysis: Explore a collection of auto-generated video clips of every event that occurred in the match. 

Sport Science: Examine detailed fitness and tactical information at different times during the match, including sprints, fitness, acceleration, deceleration, and many more.

Check out the video on this page for more information.

What is Player160?

Player160 is you/your child’s individual player portal within the Track160 system.

Within your account, you will be able to see all your individual stats as well as collate and download matchday clips.

Need a highlights reel showcasing all of your key passes? Done.

Want to show off all the goals you’ve scored this season? Download them from your Player160 portal at the click of a button!

What does it cost to participate in the Track160/Player160 program?

As a part of the Track160 system, all of your statistics and performance data will be recorded and available to your coach and the club’s team of Technical Directors.

This will help inform better decisions from coaching staff with respect to the team and player development.

Accessing your individual data and clips through your Player160 account will cost $20 per month from the month of April until the end of the season in September.

At $20 per month, this subscription will cost $120 for the season.

Essendon Royals is willing to offer a discount for all players who pay for the season’s subscription in an up-front, one-off payment at an incredible rate of just $99 for the year.

Please Note:

Only players in the following teams are eligible for this product:

  • Senior Men
  • Senior Women
  • Reserves Men
  • Reserves Women
  • JBNPL U18
  • JBNPL U16
  • JBNPL U15
  • JBNPL U14
  • Community U21
  • Community U1

Track160 - Player160 Yearly Subscription